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Providing Innovative Solutions to Surface Water Management that are Easy to Install, Require No concrete and Save Time and Money.

The Neptune System offers the first modular system in the world to support not only surface water management but an array of other areas such as land management and coastal defence.

Made of galvanised steel with a two-pack epoxy resin for additional protection, the Neptune System can provide protection against floods up to 4.5m high in both semi-permanent and long term scenarios. While also being able to provide a solution to above or below ground fluid storage up to 2.5 million cubic metres.

Through the use of an innovative design, the Neptune system can be deployed on any terrain, including mud and sand, without the requirement of any concrete and minimal site disturbance.

The system has been designed to provide protection against the fastest flowing waters in the UK, whilst meeting BS5950 and Eurocode standards. Hundreds of FEA simulations have been run and now the system has been tested under unique conditions, that far exceed the stresses seen in the field, to prove its structural integrity and ability to provide effective surface water management.

The system comprises multiple steel interlocking units, which provides bespoke, robust constructions that are able to control, manage and withstand the forces generated by a variety of scenarios involving both fluids and solids.

Thanks to its modular nature, the system can be used to form a continuous wall against flood water or a customisable tank to store large volumes of static fluids. Due to the ease of the installation the system can be installed on temporary or permanent bases. The barriers can be flat packed to reduce the required storage when not in use.

Neptune Solutions will work as both a product supplier to civil engineers and contractors, and will offer its own installation service. Working with  consultants, engineers, developers and operation companies, will enable the creation of a design solution that is fit for your needs, on cost, on time and on quality.

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